Community Projects

Chimera Theme -
A dark theme for Visual Studio Code inspired by the Dracula, Dark, and Dark+ themes.
Force Default Google Logo -
A userstyle that will disable the nearly daily, distracting logo changes by replacing the doodles with the perfect standard logo.
Disable YouTube Cross Suggestions -
For YouTube, userstyle that will disable the video and channel annotations that appeared on videos in July 2016, and displayed even when annotation are disabled.
Sushihanna Animated CSS Logo -
There is a restaurant in Lewisburg, PA called 'Sushihanna'. This isn't an original name for a sushi bar, but it does have a unique meaning to the savvy local customer. With a little understanding of the Japanese language, it's known that 'Hana' means flower or blossom, however, that's not the romanization you see in the restaurant's name. Very close to Lewisburg there's a large, well known river called the Susquehanna River, who’s spelling the restaurant has cleverly adapted.
Guider.js -
Guiders-JS is a user experience design pattern for introducing users to a web application. Guider was built to model the way guides have been implemented at Google.
Dado.Compass -
Provides a .Net IHttpHandler for run-time compilation of SASS and SCSS.
CSS-Tricks CSS Off 2010 -
This was a fun competition sponsored by CSS Tricks. I only had 2 days of the given 7 to develop my entry. I received 20th place of 129 entries. I've sure learn a lot since this project.
NHibernate X-Factories -
NHibernate X-Factories allows you to merge all those .cfg.xml files into one.
Google Hangout Animated CSS Logo -
This uses three CSS animations to produce the scanning bar, bar skipping, and noise effects. The scanning continues through the beak of the icon. Unfortunately, the noise is from an image as it can't be done, reasonably, is CSS.
Classic Blackened Theme -
Developed a hacked firmware allowing the 5.5G iPod to have an entirely black layout, including the now playing sidebar available in the Classic iPod.

Other Projects

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